About the Author

He was only 15 years old when he was bitten by the health and fitness bug. Educating himself about nutrition, exercise, and supplements became a passion, as did building a fantastic physique. Unfortunately, his left shoulder had been separated two times while competing in sporting events. These injuries caused chronic pain and left him unable to exercise for several years. Although he could not exercise, his passion for health and fitness knowledge did not decline and he continued to study the industry. Unfortunately, his bodyweight and fitness level had spiraled out of control.

Using more than 10 years of knowledge, he designed a three-month plan to get himself into the best shape of his life. Upon rehabilitating his shoulder, he put his plan into action. The results were remarkable. Curtis lost almost 30 pounds of fat, developing a body that looks like it belongs on the cover of a fitness magazine. This program was the foundation for his book, Your Body Evolution.

Upon completing his three-month program he had people asking him: “What are you taking? How did you do it? Can you help me?” – “I wanted to help these people, but one-on-one consultation is very time consuming. I knew that if I wrote a book I could help many more people feel the way I do now!” 

Curtis proceeded to spend the next year preparing and developing all of the information for his book, Your Body Evolution; a step-by-step nutrition and training system to get people in the best shape of their life. Your Body Evolution is not an average weight-loss book. It takes Body Transformation to a whole new level. The book actually plans what needs to be done every day to lose fat and build muscle. All people have to do is follow what is required every day and they will be successful. 

Curtis has written featured articles for health and fitness companies, such as Bodybuilding.com and Iron Magazine. He has also published several supplement reviews, articles, and newsletters on his website,www.clubhardbody.com. “I launched this website so purchasers of Your Body Evolution had a place where they could shop with confidence.”

Curtis lives in Canada’s Okanagan Valley, and his hobbies include skiing, in-line skating, reading, and researching. His personal and business goal is to provide the instruments and information necessary for people to take charge of their life and ultimately achieve extraordinary health and fitness.

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