I am thrilled to have the privilege of owning and managing Body Evolution, which I have owned since October, 2014. I bring to my personal training an enthusiasm born from a lifelong love of fitness. I have both breadth and depth of experience, beginning with my childhood climbing mountains in Scotland and the Himalayas, to my time participating in a multitude of sports while serving as an officer in the British Army. I am passionate about helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle through a holistic approach. The pillars of my individually tailored programs are proper nutrition, sleep and hydration, carefully crafted training, and, most importantly, stress reduction. The programs I design for my clients at Body Evolution are molded to address a client’s particular needs, and to move people not just to undertake healthy behaviors, but to have these behaviors reinforced by the positive effects of living in a healthy body.

     ​​I have traveled a rather winding road to become a fitness professional. I was a very active child, golfing and hiking in the beautiful Scottish countryside from the age of six (I am, after all, from Scotland). I competed in rugby, triathlons, and tennis in high school, and also enjoyed rock climbing and mountaineering. I was part of an expedition to the Himalayas when I was 18, and played rugby and climbed a few more mountains while enrolled at St.

     I received my first certification from the American Council on Exercise in 2011, and have since acquired additional certifications in a multitude of specialties, including weight loss, sports-specific training, injury rehabilitation, and nutrition. I am also adept in TRX suspension systems, dynamic stretching, and agility training. However, I am most known for my little brown book of pain, which contains over a hundred high-intensity interval workouts that I have developed over the last five years. I have trained many special needs clients, including those requiring surgery pre-habilitation and rehabilitation, physician-directed weight loss of hundreds of pounds, neurological disorders, and metabolic and circulatory disorders. I also enjoy preparing athletes for challenges, be that a first marathon or trying out for a high school or college sports team. I especially enjoy training small groups, as there is no better aid to positive living than the laughter and company of friends. And as I have a funny accent, my clients laugh at me, a lot.​

​Andrews University. During my eighteen years as an officer in the British Army, I gained certifications in SCUBA, rock climbing instruction, and alpine ski instruction, and also learned to play ice hockey, as well as running competitively in the 400 meters. My wife and I moved to South Bend from San Diego in 2009, and since that time I have served as a volunteer coach in men’s and women’s rugby at the University of Notre Dame, in addition to providing the fitness training for the men’s and women’s boxing clubs. They let me know how much they hate me while they are working out, but I have never had any complaints with the results!